The Fuck Card started years ago as a physical card I printed for some friends.

Now it's this simple web app you can use to express yourself.

Quickly 💌 make a card, copy the link and 📨 send it to someone who deserves it.

It's fun and there's lots you can say with it.

Try it out! 😇 😈 and why not sponsor it?

🙋🏻‍♂️ Hello Human!

I'm Jaime Creixems.

I'm curious • stoic • human • design leader • mentor • engineer • communicator; talking about design, tech, science and LEGOs while rocking to 🎸 90’s grunge.

The Fuck Card (v1.2) is built in 100% handcrafted in Vanilla HTML, CSS and JS.
No frameworks, no BS.

Fonts are provided by Google Fonts.
Image generation thanks to html2canvas.
No-tracking analytics by Matomo.

It started as a weekend project to train my JS skills. Let's see how it evolves.

Suggestions or ideas? Let's talk.

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